Brad O’Connor

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Brad O'Connor, a sales manager, stands proudly in front of a solar installation, embodying success in renewable energy sales.
Brad O'Connor

Brad O’Conner, a passionate advocate for photovoltaic (PV) technology and solar energy, brings a unique perspective to the solar energy scene in Oklahoma City (OKC). After graduating from Southern Nazarene University with a degree in Business Management, Brad took a distinctive path. While he initially ventured into the hospitality industry, bartending to connect with diverse people and stories, his passion for solar energy led him to pivot his career towards renewable energy right out of college.

Living in OKC, Brad is deeply committed to promoting sustainable living, not only in his career but also as a personal philosophy. He firmly believes in the potential of OKC, especially the Oklahoma City Innovation District, to become a leading hub for solar energy innovation in the United States. His enthusiasm for solar energy is driven by OKC’s abundant sunlight and the city’s growing community of technology and innovation enthusiasts.

Brad’s connection to the city is evident through his engagement with the local community, particularly within the dynamic environment of the Oklahoma City Innovation District. This area, known for its blend of academic institutions, cutting-edge companies, and research entities, mirrors Brad’s vision for a sustainable and technologically advanced OKC. His background in business management, combined with his passion for solar energy, positions him uniquely to contribute to the city’s transition towards renewable energy sources.

Brad’s vision for a sustainable OKC is not confined to his professional endeavors; it extends into his daily life and the choices he makes, reflecting his belief in the importance of personal action in driving change. Through his work and dedication to solar energy, Brad O’Conner is not just advocating for a greener future but is actively participating in the creation of a more sustainable and innovative community, showcasing the significant impact of individual passion and commitment to renewable energy.

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