Renewable Energy OKC: Power with Sustainable Solar Energy

Alexandro and other employess unlaoding solar panels for SPOKC last summer

Renewable Energy Sources

Wind Power: For the first time in 2021, wind supplied more electricity in Oklahoma than natural gas, showcasing the massive potential and investment in wind energy infrastructure.

Solar Energy: Oklahoma City is leading the shift towards renewable energy, highlighted by programs such as Solarize OKC, which forecasts a bright future for solar power in the area. At the vanguard of this movement is SolarPanelsOKC, with founder Kody Duesing anticipating more initiatives like Solarize to ensure all Oklahoma City residents can access solar energy.

Other Renewable Sources: Although less prominent, geothermal, biomass, and hydroelectric power also contribute to the city’s energy mix, providing diverse options for sustainable energy development.

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Available Renewable Energy Technologies

  • Solar Panels and Battery Storage: Oklahoma City is leading the renewable energy transition with initiatives like Solarize OKC, making solar technology more accessible and affordable. SolarPanelsOKC, at the forefront of this movement, enables residents and businesses to leverage group-buying benefits, facilitating a seamless shift towards solar energy.
  • Wind Turbines: Home to major wind companies, Oklahoma City benefits from both small-scale wind installations and large wind farms, contributing significantly to the state’s ranking as a top producer of wind power.
  • Emerging Technologies: Future-forward technologies, such as advanced battery storage and smart grid solutions, are also being considered to enhance the efficiency and reliability of renewable energy systems in Oklahoma City.

Federal and State Incentives

The federal government provides Investment Tax Credits (ITC) and Production Tax Credits (PTC) for various renewable energy sources, including solar photovoltaic and battery storage systems. These incentives make it more advantageous for organizations and residents in Oklahoma City to invest in renewable energy.

Local Green Initiatives and RPS

The City of Oklahoma City has taken active steps to promote renewable energy through local initiatives such as the Solarize OKC Campaign. This program, which concluded in 2023, was a community-driven effort to lower the costs of solar energy and battery storage systems through group buying, in partnership with the Rocky Mountain Institute.

Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) are not currently mandated statewide in Oklahoma. However, municipal efforts in Oklahoma City show a commitment to investing in renewable infrastructure and enhancing the energy efficiency of buildings.

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Solar Providers and Installations

Oklahoma City residents and businesses have access to a variety of solar energy providers. These entities are pivotal in driving the city’s solar market forward:

  • Local Providers: Companies like Bergey Windpower and Chermac Energy provide a range of renewable energy solutions, SolarPanelsOKC specializes in delivering top-tier solar technology. Their focus on solar power ensures you receive expert guidance and cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet your energy needs.

Impact of Solar Energy on the City

  • Reduction in Emissions: Solar power contributes to a cleaner environment as it reduces the need for electricity generation from fossil fuels, thus cutting down on emissions.
  • Energy Efficiency: By using natural sunlight to generate electricity, solar panels offer an efficient alternative to traditional energy sources.

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