Chad Stickrod

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Chad Stickrod is pictured on a roof mid-installation of a solar array, demonstrating his active role in renewable energy deployment.
Chad Stickrod

Chad Stickrod, an adept Electrical Engineer and co-founder of, stands out as a visionary in Oklahoma City’s (OKC) burgeoning solar energy landscape. With an impressive background as a sustainability manager and solar energy consultant, Chad brings a wealth of expertise to the renewable energy sector. His academic journey led him to earn a degree in Electrical Engineering, equipping him with the technical skills needed to drive innovation in solar technology.

Residing in OKC, Chad is an advocate for a healthier, sustainable lifestyle, not just in his professional endeavors but also through his personal commitment to fitness. He envisions OKC as a potential leader in the United States for solar energy, thanks to its abundant sunlight. This belief is further bolstered by the development of projects like Amazon’s solar farm in Kiowa County, southwestern Oklahoma, which he sees as a stepping stone for more to come.

Chad’s favorite local haunts are nestled in the vibrant Uptown area, including the historic neighborhoods of Crown Heights–Edgemere Heights and the artistic hub of The Paseo. These places reflect his appreciation for the community’s diverse cultural and social landscape, aligning with his vision for a sustainable and energy-independent OKC. Through, Chad is not only contributing to the city’s green energy transition but also fostering a model for others to follow, demonstrating the pivotal role of local initiatives in the global shift towards renewable energy.

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