Ethan Miller

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Ethan Miller, a solar installer, stands before a completed solar project, exemplifying dedication to renewable energy advancements.
Ethan Miller

Ethan Miller, a dedicated Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Installer, has found his calling in the sun-drenched landscapes of Oklahoma City (OKC), far from his Virginia roots. Embracing the burgeoning solar opportunities in OKC, Ethan has become an integral part of the team, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and a passion for renewable energy.

With a certification in Solar PV installation, Ethan’s expertise is vital to the team’s mission of promoting sustainable energy solutions. His journey to OKC was inspired by the city’s vibrant solar energy sector, and he quickly fell in love with the community and its unique neighborhoods. Nichols Hills, Edgemere Park, Mesta Park, and The Plaza District are among his favorite areas, each offering a distinct charm and contributing to his deepening connection to the city.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Ethan is an avid woodworker, a hobby that allows him to explore his creativity and craftsmanship. He finds joy in undertaking woodworking projects, a testament to his dedication to precision and excellence, traits that also define his work in solar installation. Fishing and working out are other pursuits that keep him balanced, offering moments of reflection and physical challenge.

Ethan’s move to OKC has not only been a professional triumph but a personal adventure. His love for the city’s solar potential, coupled with his hobbies and the welcoming community, has made OKC more than just a place of work; it’s become a place he proudly calls home. As part of the team, Ethan is poised to make significant contributions to the city’s solar landscape, ensuring a brighter, more sustainable future for OKC.

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