Kody Williams

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Kody Williams, a solar business owner in Oklahoma, stands proudly before a completed solar project, showcasing his contribution to sustainable energy.
Kody Williams

Kody Williams, originally from Mechanicsville, Virginia, has made a significant impact in Oklahoma City (OKC) through his passionate commitment to environmental sustainability. With a solid educational foundation, holding degrees in Business and Engineering from the University of Virginia, Kody is not just any professional. His expertise spans electrical engineering, making him a qualified PV installer with a deep focus on solar energy design and sales.

Recognizing a pressing need within the OKC community for a trustworthy, locally owned business in the solar industry, Kody founded SolarPanelsOKC.com. His mission is clear: to guide prospective solar customers correctly, steering them away from the misleading directions often presented by large solar corporations and sales representatives.

Residing in OKC, Kody is on a determined mission to ‘green’ the community. He cherishes the city’s vibrant spots, with the Boathouse District, Automobile Alley, and Bricktown being his favorite locales. Through his efforts, Kody is not only contributing to the local economy but also advocating for a sustainable future, making him a distinguished figure in OKC’s journey towards green energy.

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