Parker Samson

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Parker Samson, an electrical engineer, smiles at the camera amidst a solar project, showcasing enthusiasm for renewable energy.
Parker Samson

Parker Samson, a seasoned Project Manager and Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Installer with, stands as a key player in Oklahoma City’s (OKC) solar energy field. His background as a sustainability manager and solar energy consultant has endowed him with a profound knowledge of the renewable energy industry, guiding his professional journey towards promoting solar technology and sustainable practices.

Parker advocates for sustainable living not only through his professional projects but also in his personal commitment to fitness, embodying his belief in a healthier lifestyle. He views OKC’s abundant sunshine as a pivotal asset for the city, envisioning it as a future leader in solar energy within the United States. As a member of the Oklahoma Solar Association, Parker is deeply involved in the local solar community, contributing to the advancement and adoption of solar energy throughout the region.

His life in OKC goes beyond his solar initiatives; Parker is a familiar face in the vibrant Uptown area, particularly around the historic neighborhoods of Crown Heights–Edgemere Heights and the artistic enclave of The Paseo. These spots reflect his appreciation for the diverse cultural and social fabric of the community, aligning with his vision for an energy-independent and sustainable OKC. Through his engagement with and the Oklahoma Solar Association, Parker Samson is not just facilitating OKC’s shift towards green energy but also fostering a model for sustainable community development, highlighting the critical role of local efforts in the global move toward renewable energy.

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